If you are looking for a way to easily ascertain what hardware, software, and everything in between might be installed on your hard drive, you need look no further than a typical PC auditing software program. Besides scanning your system and returning data such as the model and size of your hard drive and memory cards, the version and license keys of your operating system, and similar data regarding any other programs and applications you may have, a good PC auditing software program should also be able to return solid data regarding other important things, such as your security and network settings. The data culled from your PC auditing software program can give you a good idea of what you have on your system, what might need to be upgraded or improved, and what might be able to be discarded.

However, not every PC auditing software program is alike, and for best results, you should always do your research before downloading any particular program to your system. As with any piece of new technology, your PC auditing software should not only contain the ability to cull the various data described above reliably and consistently, but the program itself should also be designed with your particular OS in mind. Incompatible programs can cause massive damage to your system over time, so it helps to know what kind of PC auditing software you are downloading before you take the next step. Make sure that several different and reliable sources mention the virtues of any PC auditing software you consider adding to your system, as well as the compatibility factor of these individual PC auditing software programs with your particular OS. Once you know which program suits your needs most succinctly, go ahead and download your PC auditing software of choice, taking it for a test spin once all is said and done.