There is intrinsic value in knowing the software installed on a computer, as well as the hardware capabilities of a computer that is being used for business purposes. If there is only a few computers under your supervision, this task might be as simple as taking a pad and a pencil along to write down the programs that you see installed, as well as the memory and disk space both free and in its entirety. Even with a single computer, taking a complete pc audit can be time consuming. A person would have to identify every non-standard program installed in the add and remove programs panel, and then pursue the specific version and service pack level of each software item.

Take this level of inspection and multiply it for those managing larger deployments. Ten computers, one hundred or even a thousand all represent nearly impossible scenarios for a manual pc audit to be performed on each computer system. The results can be quite vital for several different motivating circumstances, so it may be necessary to identify a method of running a pc audit on each system to generate the results that are desired without the expectation that an administrator or other representative from IT would visit each computer individually.

The most viable solution is for the pc audit to be run by some process or program that has the capability of performing a sweep of all connected computers, whether by a service that does so on a regular basis or a one time scan to satisfy a business need for a pc audit, be it to plan an upgrade or satisfy an outside auditor. A pc audit solution in the form of a software that takes action upon your request eliminates the need for any IT personnel to inspect even a single computer that is in use within the corporate network.